6oz flask

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A good bourbon deserves to be kept in a good flask! This 6oz high quality stainless steel is wrapped in our rustic 5oz wheat harvest leather and hand stitched.
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Our flask passes the food safety regulations.

FDA approved, PROP 65 approved
Made with 18-8 stainless steel, which is required for 'food' usage. Other types of stainless steel can react with ingredients and cause a chemical reaction.

Laser welding on all seams.
Laser welding creates an extremely accurate weld point at the seam, with a controlled temperature. Standard welding used on most flasks is a messier process. It is not as accurate and temperature is not easily controlled and therefore you get weak points at the seam.

ALL parts are made of stainless steel 18-8, including cap, hinge, and arm.
Many other flasks use iron on these parts, which will rust.

The stainless steel used is from new raw material.
Many others use 'recycled' stainless steel. This has the potential to have radiation in the metal.

The inside of the flask is fully polished.
When a flask is not fully polished and liquid is left inside, it will become contaminated.

Measures approximately 4"x4.5"

Please not: Due to the fact that our leather is an organic material, each hide may have slight differences in color (the color may vary slightly for each batch). The color may also vary slightly from the photo due to lighting and monitors viewed from.